TBX Convert: MultiTerm

This utility converts raw XML exports from SDL MultiTerm into valid TBX files, ready for interchange with other programs. It goes beyond MultiTerm's TBX 2002 export model in two ways. First, it targets the current, ISO-standardized version of the format (ISO 30042:2008). Second, it helps the user rename and restructure locally defined terminological data categories into standard ones, which makes the termbase more interchangeable and more self-documenting.

To run this converter, you will need two files. First, obviously, you will need a termbase, exported from MultiTerm into XML. Second, you will need a configuration file, called a "mapping," which describes the correspondence between the data fields found in MultiTerm and those desired in TBX.

With an XML termbase and a mapping, you are ready to visit the conversion script.

A word about security: When you upload a file to the converter, we create a temp file, open it, and then delete its directory entry immediately, even before writing your data to it. Your output file is only accessible via the randomly generated filename we return to you, and it is deleted 10-15 minutes after creation. You can also use the script over a secure connection if you'd prefer. (You may get a warning about the secure connection going to Bluehost; that's OK, they're our provider.)